Pogo Penguin

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Help the friendly penguin realize his dreams in the Pogo Penguin game by jumping around the game screen to overcome obstacles and collect as much food and gold coins as possible. The bird desperately needs your help because the hedgehog and other creatures want to harm and take your penguin. Manage them so he can jump over their enemies and make sure at the same time so he can collect gold. Engage with your friends along the way and try to get the highest score possible and try to keep yourself from falling.
In this game, you will meet unusual penguins, so prepare yourself a little surprise. You will be surprised because here they will jump on special sticks and try to collect lots of fish, and gold coins. For them it is not easy to do this on their way will encounter different obstacles, fall on them, they will die, so be an ingenious player to take the bird safely beyond. Through all the most dangerous obstacles.
It all looks fun and cute, but this game is not easy for anyone to conquer right from the first minute. You need to give yourself the intelligence, agility, and dexterity to make your birds safe along the way. Coming to the Pogo Penguin game, you will be completely involved in new experiences that not all games have. Are you confident that you are smart enough, agile and skillful to become a complete winner in this game full of pitfalls and challenges? Join the game right away to try it right?
How to play pogo penguin:
This is a game not too difficult to control when the player just needs to press the spacebar or left mouse button to move his character.