Penguin Climbing

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Penguin Climbing is a simulation game of a penguin climbing an ice mountain while rushing to race against other penguins.
New research shows that before the Antarctic thaw, some of the emperor penguin colonies moved their breeding grounds to the top of the cliffs nearly 100 feet to accommodate. It provides a warm environment for them to find their way here.
You will help a penguin to get there along with the penguin's existing skills. You need to control the penguin moving and jumping on all the slippery ice blocks. Rescuing yourself by combining your skills such as jumping, skiing and using your beak will save your life to become a master penguin. The weather is harsh and can freeze you so you need to climb the ice before your penguin pet freezes.
To reach the top safely, you need to be alert to different enemies like wild bears, snowmen, stay away from them and do not let them harm you. Defend yourself and kill the snowman by jumping on it. Be careful because snowmen may have sleds and they may rush towards you when you are on the same platform. These snowmen are the most aggressive characters with a high ability to push you down, so be careful when you're around them. You also keep jumping to avoid falling to the bottom of the map.
You can compete with players around the world by achieving very high scores in the player rankings.
Fun and cute jumping game with great 3D graphics give players a very interesting experience, the game for all ages and are compatible with most Android devices, iOS, computers due to That player can play anywhere they want.
How to play Penguin Climbing
Use the left or right arrow to move your penguin and use up arrow to jump on the iceberg.