Zombies vs Penguins 4

5/ 5    1 ratings

The battle between Penguins and Zombies is constantly returning with increasing numbers in the fourth part of the game called Zombies vs Penguins 4. Join the game and start a brutal battle against corpses living. Help angry penguins kill all zombies, starve the brain, aim correctly, use explosives, rockets and bombs and walls to bounce back bullets and kill as many zombies as possible, saving bullets. Try to destroy all your enemies in each level and win this battle!
Birds are so lovable that hardly anyone believes that they can harm someone. But when it comes to zombies, they don't hesitate a second. They turned into killing machines with no one left to live. And here we go, the first zombies are coming with a few penguin officers. They grabbed their guns and started their hunting session. Shoot all zombies, destroy them with your different guns. You can fire bullets at walls and ceilings. You can launch a remote control rocket or bounce a grenade to set it on fire. There are also different types of zombies as well as platforms you have to know. Use the ricochet of bullets to take down multiple zombies with just one shot. Try to complete each level by using as few bullets as possible to achieve a three star rating.
Sé has all 30 different levels to challenge as well as make players have to complete in this interesting shooting game. Very happy when you join the game in your free time or when you are under pressure of the work of compression, Zombies vs Penguins 4 is a perfect choice to keep you entertained and regain balance immediately. instantly.
How to play zombies vs penguins 4 like:
Use mouse to aim and click to shoot. When using a rocket, use the mouse cursor to point it to your target.