When Penguins Attack TD 2

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When Penguins Attack TD 2 is a strategy game based on the concept of a battle between penguins and humans. You must manage your money skillfully and place the towers in tactical positions to prevent enemies from escaping from each map. It sounds easy but you'll find it difficult to get started with the game.
There will be different types of towers with their own strengths and weaknesses that you must learn to put them in the most appropriate position on the map. Create a deadly maze that no penguin can escape in all 12 levels that this game offers. When they perish, you gain experience and level up to unlock new upgrades you can buy. Money flows in when you continue to kill penguins, but it's limited so don't spend it carelessly. Remember that there are bonus levels at the end of the game you have to play to have more fun.
This is a penguin game, but don't tackle it as this will not be an easy strategic strategy like the previous part of the online game. Of course, you can get extra weapons in the penguin game, but only if you have proven that in the strategy game. But this will definitely work for you if you like online games like this.
The game will have loads of levels, towers, and upgrades to assist you in this quest to stop these nasty guys. Are you confident that you will successfully complete every level and become a formidable player in this challenging game or not. Join the game now to let everyone know your true power.
How to play when penguins attack td 2:
Use the mouse to build and upgrade towers.
Use hotkeys 1 - 0 to build faster.