Learn to Fly Idle

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Learn To Fly Idle

Learn To Fly Idle takes players to the world of snowmen and penguins. Your task is to adjust the cannon that penguins are holding to shoot accurately at the snowman and get bonus points.
You will use your cannon to launch snowballs at the snowman. At first, your firepower will have weak damage, and you can only shoot once. When doing snowman damage, you will receive money. Use to purchase upgrades by clicking the buttons in the upper left corner. There are many upgrades, each of which will bring different uses.
Launching Power: to help your ball have more power, when shooting at snowmen, damage snowmen faster.
Base Damage: Increases the damage when you shoot at a snowman.
Max Shots: to shoot multiple balls in succession.
Auto-Fire: helps you automatically shoot the ball without using the controls.
The player has the best calculations to destroy many snowmen and earn many bonuses. Buying upgrades is at your disposal, as long as you have enough money to buy the upgrades.
Upgrades are displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. When you have enough money to buy the level capsules it will appear blue, if not already purchased it will appear grey. The indicator is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. The more upgrades you buy, the more you will benefit.
At the top of the screen, there is a thumbnail of the enemy portrait, you can click the arrows around the portrait next to their name to find new enemies. There are many enemies with different shapes and positions. Large objects or distant objects. When shooting at them you will get more bonus points. New characters require you to upgrade more to be able to destroy.
The game is designed with a simple and interesting interface and gameplay, helping players entertain very well after a hard day of studying and working.

How to play Learn To Fly Idle

Left click on different positions to adjust the cannon's direction as well as shoot snowball, left click to select upgrades and left click to change enemies