Learn to Fly 2

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Learn To Fly 2

Learn To Fly 2 is a penguin's flight training game. Your task is to control penguins to help him complete the flight course. This is the second part and the game now has a lot of new versions to meet the needs of players.
Penguins learn to fly on an iceberg at a large beach. This ice sheet has the ability to change its height. By buying upgrades to support penguins to fly longer and farther, then the ice sheets will increase height. The higher it gets, the more penguins gain momentum and help it fly higher.
Penguin will learn to fly every day, every day practicing will receive money corresponding to the height of the move, the longer you fly, the more money you will earn.
In the first days of flight, penguins will only fly a very right time, after training and buying upgrades, birds will fly farther. Buying upgrades like rockets, payloads, flying equipment, etc. will help birds fly farther. Each upgrade has different uses, the upgrades will be of great value, you need to make a lot of money to unlock upgrades.
To make more money, besides flying very far, you can also hit the snowman. Earn lots of money to unlock all the upgrades that make your flight achievements so high.
The game will have no limits on the level of play, you just need to practice everyday and see the clear progress of penguins.
To achieve great achievements, flying long distances, you need to practice hard.
With simple gameplay, anyone can join this game.
The game helps you practice patience and keep you entertained very well.

How to play Learn To Fly 2

Use the arrow keys to change the penguin's flight angle. When buying rockets, press and hold the SPACEBAR to activate them. The skillful combination will help you fly better, and to have experience you need to practice regularly.