Learn to Fly 3

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Learn To Fly 3

Learn To Fly 3 is a famous flying practice game for penguins. The task of the player here is to build individual ships to help penguins fly to outer space. By practising daily with the help of tools or upgrades, penguin will achieve their goals. You will control penguins flying into space with strange weapons and vehicles. Every day you practice, you move a distance will get the corresponding bonus. Use this money to buy upgrades. There are many tools and facilities for you to upgrade, such as missiles, balloons, spring pedals, affluent upgrade parts that allow you to design your style spacecraft. Also, you can upgrade existing parts. You can control the upgrade yourself, such as using boosters when you need it. Not only do you control the character to fly so far, but you also have to help it avoid all obstacles that obstruct the movement and limit being pulled by other objects.
The manufacturer has added new game modes to help players feel excited for a longer time, but it also cannot avoid the problems that exist.
Story mode allows players to start with the most essential things, practice and earn money to unlock all upgrades.
The harder payload mode requires players and many different objects to fly into space.
The classic mode requires the player to fly horizontally.
The game is designed in a simple style, separate and unlike any game.
If you don't like the sound of the game, you can customize the sound mode from the settings menu.

How to play Learn To Fly 3

The game uses only straightforward controls that use the left and right arrow keys to navigate the movements of penguins, use the space bar to use the rocket. With simple gameplay but gives players beautiful experience along with productive game modes and upgrades