Penguin Diner 3

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Penguin Diner 3 is a skill game played with the mouse. The objective of the player in this game is to earn the minimum amount given every day before the end. Arrange seats, serve food and collect money after guests leave. Use the money earned to upgrade the restaurant and turn it into the best restaurant in the area. Are you ready to help Penny run the restaurant and make this penguin's dream come true?
Join the game you will have the opportunity to make money if you are satisfied with the service. To do this, you must own effective waiters and cooks. Chefs can be purchased as you collect more money through upgrades. You can collect more money if the waiting time for each order is less. Owning a pair of skates is one of the basic upgrades available as an easy way to complete service faster.
When a customer walks into a restaurant, the first step is to find an empty table to sit on. When an empty table is available, you must click the customer and the table to place the customer on that table and then take the order. When customers indicate their readiness to place an order, you can click on the table to place your order. When the food is prepared and ready on the counter, you must click on the food.
Penny will bring the food tray when you click on the food and when you click on the right table, the food will be delivered to that table. After the customer has finished eating, he will leave the money that can be put in the cash register by clicking on the table.
How to play penguin diner 3:
All you need to play this game is to use your mouse to control this game.