Penguin Diner 2

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Penguin Diner 2 demonstrates your ability to serve and manage your store by controlling Penny characters and helping Penny achieve her dream of owning the best restaurant in Antarctica.
Help Penny run the restaurant by leading customers to their seats, taking orders, delivering food and cleaning along with collecting money after they leave. Click a customer, then click a table to book them. Wait for a little while they choose the menu and then deliver them their orders as quickly as possible, then collect the money they pay you on every table they sit.
Try to get things done quickly to make your customers happy and introduce your store to more people to make it more crowded. Arrange seats for each customer, give them the menu and provide the necessary course.
Customers come to your store one by one or come at the same time, each with different or different requirements. You need to serve fast and flexible, do not let them wait too long and leave this will not be good for your business.
When your customers are satisfied and leave, they will leave you a sum of money, using it to buy upgrades for your store. You can buy some extra equipment for the store, add more dishes on the menu, replace new furniture and more.
Upgrades help you manage your store more effectively and make more money.
Things can often get a lot busier as you upgrade and become more professional, though you have to be quick. Shopping with a rich menu, making customers come more but also means making you go crazy constantly, without a break. Use all of your time management skills to meet daily goals and turn Penny into a true restaurant tycoon.
How to play Penguin Diner 2
Fast and accurate execution of customer requests to achieve the best performance through left click to perform all actions in the game.