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BomberPengu is a fun action game that is loved by many people. Your goal is to control a penguin to destroy all enemies through placing bombs. The game is presented through a terrain of bricks arranged and arranged in many places, surrounding penguins and enemies. To have a path to reach the enemy, players need to place bombs.
You will set bombs to destroy the walls to get the way and collect the items that appear in them as bombs, or objects that make your bombs explode longer. Collecting more bombs will help you place more bombs before it explodes and collect as many long explosive objects as each bomb will explode a lot longer. However, the long bomb explosion will both beneficial and harmful to you. You need to cleverly set the bombs and move quickly, so as not to be destroyed by enemies and avoid your bombs.
In each level you will play against an online player, not a computer, so you can race high and low with other players.
The game has many levels of play, each level gives players extremely interesting experiences along with various fascinating challenges. The winner will be the last survivor on each level.
The game is completely free and suitable for all players and compatible with most devices. Players can play online at the website or download devices to play whenever they want.
The game with simple but competitive gameplay along with interesting animations gives players great entertainment moments, so the game has been loved by many people.
How to play BomberPengu
You will use the arrow keys to navigate the character's ability to move, use the space bar to place bombs. The gameplay is very simple, but the player needs to have reasonable strategies to achieve the highest efficiency.