5/ 5    1 ratings is a penguin fighting game that is loved by many people. Your goal is to fight with all the penguins to become the ultimate winner.
You and the other penguins are on an iceberg and don't have enough area for all. Therefore you need to fight against them to survive on this iceberg.
You will control a small penguin fighting on an iceberg to push all the other penguins out of the iceberg and become the last penguin alive to win.
You will control the little penguin fighting on an iceberg like a royal fighting ice. The iceberg is getting smaller and smaller as the individual pieces start to fall out and you will find it increasingly difficult to protect yourself and against enemy attacks. This will add to the appeal of the game and make you more excited.
The other penguins rush at you and push you off the ice, you will also do the same actions to push each bird out of the ice. You need to cleverly move because the ice surface is very slippery, you can not be pushed down, you will also fall down.
All you need to do is attack the enemy first by pointing your penguins in the right direction and using multiple powers at once to destroy multiple opponents at once.
Defeat all the penguins to win and unlock the next level with more challenges. Each level will have a different number of penguins, the challenges will also be different and the next level the challenge will increase.
Fighting game with beautiful interface, compatible with any Android device, iOS, computer and easy to download to play whenever you want.
How to play
Use the mouse to control the movements for your character. The use of your mouse should be flexible and accurate, a little mistake you can fall off the ice.