Penguins Attack td 2

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Penguins Attack TD 2 is a tower defense game in which you will build towers to prevent penguins' attacks to protect your kingdom.
For unknown reasons, there are many penguins to invade where you are, they come in turn, move very quickly with terrible destruction. The enemies are getting bigger and bigger and the damage is also very strong. There are different levels of play in this game, each playing level corresponds to a certain number of enemies and the later the level, the more enemies become much more dangerous.
To protect your kingdom, you need to place the towers in the appropriate positions to destroy them.
There are many towers with different shapes and damage features, each tower requires a certain amount of money to build. You need to understand the characteristics of the different types of towers with their strengths and weaknesses to put them in the most appropriate position on the map. Once placed the towers in the appropriate location, they will be destroyed quickly, otherwise, you can leave to other locations or replace with the towers have a stronger attack. Create a deadly maze that no penguin can overcome. When the birds are destroyed, you can get bonuses but it is limited so don't spend it carelessly. At the end of each game, you can get attractive bonuses.
Unlock countless levels, towers and lots of upgrades to assist you in the mission of stopping this evil penguin invasion.
The game is fast-paced and the player can display creative thinking in their play strategy thus increasing the stimulation for the player.
How to play Penguins Attack TD 2
Use the left mouse button to build and upgrade towers, press C to cancel building a selected tower, use the number keys 0-9 as a shortcut to select the tower to build.