Penguin Diner

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Penguin Diner is a simple click game, in which you will play the character Penny is the restaurant manager and also the main waiter. Help poor poor Penny on a trip, helping her earn enough money to return home with her family.
You will organize and serve customers to make them happy and introduce your store to more people to make customers more crowded. Arrange seats for each customer, give them the menu and provide the required course and then collect the money they pay you on each table they sit.
There are many customers with different requirements, each customer needs their requirements and they come at different times. You need to serve fast and flexible, do not let them wait long to annoy and leave. Your store will then be undervalued and you will not receive any money.
Shop with an extensive menu, which makes customers come more but also means making you reeling constantly, without rest.
After customers use the food and are satisfied to leave, you will be paid with the bonus of service quality. Using that money to buy upgrades makes store management more efficient and makes you more professional. You can upgrade the store and hire more waiters when the number of customers comes so crowded that you can not turn back. Replace new tables and chairs and buy some more equipment for the store, buy televisions for customers to watch while eating, and add more dishes on the menu.
Cute 3D penguin characters with vivid cartoon images in over 90 levels will give players the most exciting experience and help them have the latest look.
How to play Penguin Diner
Games with simple gameplay just use the mouse to play but you need to quickly and accurately customer requirements to achieve the best performance.