Penguin Cafe

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Penguin Cafe makes all your customers happy in your cafe. You will help a happy little penguin family that runs a cafe located at their northernmost. The goal of the game is to serve happy customers to receive a lot of bonuses.
The customers will come to the store in turn or very crowded to order different dishes. With each customer coming to the store, you will arrange a seat for each customer, bring the menu and accept their orders, then serve their meals as quickly as possible, so they don't have to wait too long. Quick and accurate service will make customers happy and give you advice, most importantly, they will reward you with more money and introduce your store to more people to make it. become more crowded.
You will receive the money when your customers are satisfied and leave. Use that money to buy upgrades for your store, buy some additional equipment for the store, add more menu items, replace new furniture and more. Upgrades will help you get your work done faster, attract more customers and earn more money. Build your store become more professional, become the biggest restaurant and everyone knows.
As your store gets upgraded and more customers, things can often become busier but you have to be alert, use all your time management skills to meet the items. Spend daily and become a true restaurant tycoon.
The game has a lot of different levels, each level is a new requirement and you need to complete each level to progress to the next challenge.
The game is completely free and compatible with most Android, iOS, and computer devices so players can easily play anywhere and whenever they want.
How to play Penguin Cafe
Left-click to perform all operations in this game. Exactly and quickly implement customer requirements to achieve the best performance.