Penguin War

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Penguin War is known as a great shooting game and full of fun. Participating in this game, the player's task is to command his team of penguins to gain power over enemy territory. Eliminate all opposing penguins in an epic battle to advance with your campaign.
This is a classic game that challenges players to defeat enemies by hitting balls on them. You have to try to roll ten balls on the playing field, while your eccentric opponent tries to do the same thing. Choose your player from a belligerent penguin, a funny cow, a beetle bat, a ferocious rate, and a boisterous rabbit. Join the game you can play solo like in the arcade, or challenge your friends in local and online mode. You can play with up to ten of your friends outrageous and fun tournament games like never before. Penguin Wars has a story mode that allows you to develop your character and master special skills to defeat opponents.
Penguin Wars is a great option for anyone who likes fighting games, whether experienced or novice. At the end of the matches, the ranking is displayed with your position and of the three other opponents. Even if you take second or third place, your penguins earn rewards that help you level up and can be used to buy in-store items. Are you ready to enjoy this game? You will not have a second to rest when this game starts!
How to play Penguin War:
In games, your character can be moved around with the mouse or use the navigation keys on the keyboard. To make shots, just select the weapon at the bottom and click the left mouse button. In the game store, there's a real arsenal to sell, in addition to clothes, shoes and other items to customize penguins.